You can listen to our radio station on mobile phones
Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile и Blackberry,
as well as on the tablets Android, iPad, iPod Touch и Amazon Kindle.
Please activate FREE TuneIn application.

Here is the logo  

If you do not see this logo on your phone, open the app store and download it (for iPhone – iTune, for Android - Google Play, Windows Phones, BlackBerry World or Amazon Kindle Fire).

Then type in the search box Radio NEDELKA
and save in Your Favorites.

You can also listen to Radio "Nedelka" through the audio system of your car.
Almost all new cars are adapted for connection to smartphones,
and Chevrolet, Ford and Tesla have already pre-installed TuneIn in their audio systems.
For details please click HERE.

If your car does not offer this option, you have to purchase a FM-Transmitter, corresponding to the model of your car (available at BestBuy, Fry's, eBay).

Radio NEDELKA - russian-speaking radio station from California